Event date: Wednesday 29 June, 2022 at 2-3pm CET
Venue: online

The use of drones and passenger eVTOLs for carrying out emergency medical services will likely be one of the first use cases implemented on a wide scale. Recent research suggests that it will be acceptable to the public and will benefit society due to the speed in which medical staff can react to emergencies.

In this module you will learn about the four Emergency Medical Services (EMS) use cases that the AiRMOUR project aims to research and validate. You will also hear from leading international industry experts on their real-life use cases of drones to transport medical products to ad-hoc locations as well as inter-facility transport.  

After participating in this live lecture you will be able to explain how new technologies in air mobility can support the medical sector.

This live lecture is the final lecture in the course. The course is produced in collaboration with EUROCONTROL. The topics covered in this lecture will provide the foundation of knowledge to help learners progress with the AiRMOUR training curriculum 2022-2023.

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About the course certificate

To be awarded a certificate of attendance for this course learners will need to register and attend all four modules. If it is not possible for you to attend all lectures then you can also register for single lectures. The online lectures will be recorded and made available this summer on an online learning platform which we will communicate nearer the time. Learners will be tested on their knowledge after working through the training material and will be awarded a certificate of completion once they have finished the course.

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