The AiRMOUR project is now finalised. Read our project deliverables and watch a recap of the project outcomes in this video.

As populations grow, traditional traffic infrastructure is pushed to its limits. Mobility is therefore expanding into the third dimension: the airspace. AiRMOUR is a research and innovation project supporting sustainable air mobility via emergency medical services.

As the airspace opens up for new transportation systems, new forms of Urban Air Mobility (UAM), such as passenger drones, are gaining more attention. The EU-funded AiRMOUR project focuses on the research and validation of novel concepts and solutions to make urban air mobility safe, secure, quiet and green, yet also more accessible, affordable and publicly accepted. The project will test both manned and unmanned drones in real-life conditions in 2023.

The AiRMOUR project offers valuable UAM tools and drastically advances the understanding of necessary near-future actions – not only by urban communities, but also by operators, regulators, academia and businesses.