AiRMOUR has developed an online learning platform where you can access courses from our training programme. The first course was given as a series of live lectures earlier this year and has now been made available on the new AiRMOUR learning platform which can be accessed by clicking here.

It includes videos on each topic covered and supporting material. A digital certificate of completion will be awarded after working through all modules in the course and passing the online quizzes.

The training programme is particularly useful for stakeholders working in cities, regional authorities, medical sector workers and those working in traditional aviation, for example.

The programme consists of three online courses and two in-person masterclasses which will give stakeholders insights into the use of drones in Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

The AiRMOUR project launched the UAM training programme in spring and it will run until end of 2023. The training programme is coordinated by LuxMobility in collaboration with EUROCONTROL and DTV Consultants.

The first course introduces the theme of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and how it can support EMS. The second (due to be launched in spring 2023) will cover the role of Concept of Operations for UAM EMS and the final course (due to be launched in autumn 2023) will focus on facilitating UAM for EMS in European cities.

The image below shows the training programme plan:

The training programme is part of the AiRMOUR UAM Toolbox which also includes a GIS tool and a UAM Guidebook.

Masterclass on Urban Air Mobility

AiRMOUR is organising a free two day masterclass on the topic of Urban Air Mobility and its application for the Emergency Medical Services sector. We will be holding this event at EUROCONTROL’s office in Luxembourg on 7th and 8th of December 2022.

For further information, please contact:

Palak Panchal
Consultant, LuxMobility