The multi-disciplinary AiRMOUR consortium consists of partners from six European countries and has a total of 13 partners.

The multi-disciplinary AiRMOUR consortium consists of partners from six European countries; Finland, Germany, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. The consortium has a total of 13 partners, including research institutes, aviation authorities, UAM operators and Emergency Medical Service organisations.

Also, AiRMOUR project will have 10 replicator cities, and an External Advisory Board with strong international support from organisations, such as NASA, Dubai Future Foundation and EASA, in addition to other endorsing bodies.


Non-funded affiliates and supporters

The AiRMOUR project has several affiliates and supporters that do not receive a contribution from the European Commission, but play an important role in the project nonetheless.

Some of these have an active role, for example, in the facilitation of the simulations and the real-life demonstrations taking place in 2023. Other affiliates and supporters may participate in training courses and yet others may want to concentrate on carrying lessons learned forward in their respective cities.


European Urban Air Mobility Initiative Cities Community

Health Cluster, Regionalmanagement Nordhessen GmbH

The Federal Police Force (Air Force Fuldatal)

Ministry of Mobility and Public Works / Department for Mobility and Transport


External Advisory Board

AiRMOUR has established an External Advisory Board with individuals from key organisations in the field of urban air mobility. The Board is responsible for reviewing and commenting the main deliverables and outputs of the AiRMOUR project. Board members come from several continents and represent various sectors, such as regulatory bodies, research, industry and network organisations.

Board members take part in various consortium meetings in an advisory capacity. They also have an important replicator and disseminator role, by communicating progress and results in their organisations and networks. Some of the External Advisory Board members are likely to act in a teaching capacity in the AiRMOUR training courses.

  • Mr. Emmanuel Isambert, Research Projects, EASA European Union Aviation Safety Agency
  • Ms. Shivanlji Sharma, Deputy Lead of the Advanced Air Mobility Initiative (AAM), NASA
  • Dr. Tarek Taha, Dubai Future Foundation
  • Prof. Gaku Minorikawa, Special Advisor of JUIDA, General Incorporated Association Japan UAS Industrial Development Association
  • Mr. Henrik Morgen, Innovation Hub Director Northern Europe, EIT Urban Mobility
  • Mr. Mikael Shamim, CEO of Helicus BVBA (Coordinator of the SAFIR-Med project)
  • Dr. Vassillis Agouridas, Airbus Urban Mobility. Leader of the UAM Initiative, UAM Cities Initiative (EU’s Smart Cities Markeplace)
  • Mr. Friedrich Bauer, Chairman, VDI Association of German Engineers – Technical Committee for Unmanned Aeronautics Systems
  • Mr. Andrew Hately, U-space ConOps development, Eurocontrol

Cooperation with other UAM projects

The AiRMOUR partners work in close cooperation with other European Union funded projects in the field of urban air mobility.

The cooperation is especially close with the other two projects funded as part of the original MG3.6 call for proposals, namely AURORA and Flying Forward 2020. The AiRMOUR project together with these two projects cover a wide range of urban air mobility aspects and by joining forces are about to become the “UAM storytellers of Europe”.