In the AiRMOUR project, simulation is an important method for validating the project results. A simulation environment is established to simulate the chosen UAM EMS scenarios and test sites. The component that has received most attention is a computer flight simulator for the EMS eVTOL flights.

Flight simulations are an important part of the project and for numerous reasons, including:

  • Validating the plans and training for live demonstration
  • Elaborating on concepts not yet possible due to restrictions in regulations, certification, or maturity of technology and
  • Simulated collaboration with third parties on a scale that is not possible in live validations, including interactions with general aviation in uncontrolled airspace.

Specifically, the flight simulator is built on a software-in-the-loop (SITL) simulator of the eVTOL flight control coupled with a flight simulator handling the eVTOL flight dynamics. The SITL simulator is connected to an eVTOL ground segment (control centre) and simulated ATM/UTM environments.

Simulations will be coupled to simulated models for the test sites and interfaced with open and accessible simulator environments like FlightGear1, where interactions with other air traffic can be investigated. The AiRMOUR eVTOL flight simulator is described at a greater level of detail in deliverable D7.3.

This deliverable, created by Stian Solbø (NORCE), will give a brief overview of the complete AiRMOUR simulation environment, and the components involved. The main focus will be on reviewing the projects validation objectives success criteria (SC) decided to be (partially) validated thru simulations. Further, we will present brief plans on how each of these SC will be validated.