The AiRMOUR project has published a report on air risk related to Emergency Medical Services in Urban Air Mobility (UAM). The report provides an overview of the overall sources and mitigations of air risk. A more profound discussion is provided on how to better quantify the geographical spread of the risk and hazard severity for the use of UAM operators and for fostering a dialogue between UAM operators, nascent
U-space service providers and Air Navigation Service Providers.

The report presents air risk assessments for the areas in which the AiRMOUR validation flights will be performed. They are Stavanger (Norway), Helsinki (Finland) and Kassel (Germany). Since it is possible that validation flights will be done in Luxembourg, it is also included.

The partner responsible for the report is Linköping University.

See the AiRMOUR deliverable 3.3 ‘Air risk management for UAM EMS operations’ (pdf) and the recommendations for transportation authorities.

For further information, please contact:

Linköping University

Tobias Andersson Granberg, tobias.andersson.granberg(at)