Arranged by JUIDA (Japan UAS Industry Development Association), Japan Drone 2021 is the largest Expo for the commercial UAS market in Japan for 6 consecutive years. This time the focus is on implementing drones in society to realize a smart society.

Since its inauguration in 2016, the event has expanded its scale along with the steady growth of the drone industry. It is Japan’s first event for the full-fledged consumer and commercial drone market, and at the same time it provides a place for drone related industries, many of which are start-up companies, to conduct practical business negotiations while widely disseminating Japanese drone technology to the world.

Japan Drone welcome a large number of visitors with a high sense of purpose and willingness to discuss business not only in the drone industry but also in a wide range of other fields such as agriculture, logistics, and disaster countermeasures.

The International Conference, where key people from Japan and abroad introduce the latest trends in drone technology and markets, is always a popular event, and many visitors say that it provides a good understanding of the current situation surrounding drones and hints for the near future.

Dates:14th-16th June 2021

Venue: Makuhari Messe (Chiba, Japan) / Online

Co-Organizer: Congress Corporation