The European AiRMOUR project researches how emergency medical services could be supported by drones. Smaller drones carrying medical equipment or larger drones carrying medical specialists can be beneficial in many ways, but also create challenges. 

To validate our research, demonstrate the possibilities and start the discussions, AiRMOUR now brings a Roadshow to 4 cities in Europe. The lifesaving drones are coming!


7–8 March 2023
The event language is English.

As part of the AiRMOUR Roadshow 2023, the North Hesse use case will be presented in Kassel on March 7 and 8. On the first day, the demonstration day with validation and demonstration of a transport drone will take place at the pathological Institute of Kassel. On 8th March, we will discuss how UAM aerial vehicles can be incorporated into medical services and integration into the urban mobility context. Workshops and focus group activities will allow participants to put their knowledge into practice.

Tuesday 7 March at 9.00am, location: Institut für Pathologie (Klinikum Kassel), Mönchebergstraße 41-43, 34125 Kassel (Germany). AiRMOUR Validation Flight at the pathological institute of Kassel.


10 and 13 March 2023
The event language is English.

Friday March at 10.00am to 6.00pm at Place de l’Europe.
This event is targeted for the general public.

Monday 13 March at 10am to 4pm at EUROCONTROL Learning Centre.
This event is targeted for stakeholders.


4 and 6 April 2023
The event language is Finnish and English.

Tuesday 4 April, Flight from Kaivopuisto to Suomenlinna. This event is targeted to residents, medical stakeholders, city stakeholders, aviation stakeholders and press. The use case is a medical emergency drone (Falcon) making an emergency delivery of an epi-pen to a patient, close to Suomenlinna Rescue Station.

Morning session 9.45–13.30, see agenda
This event is targeted to medical, city and aviation stakeholders as well as media.

Afternoon session 14.15–16.30, see agenda
This event is targeted at residents of Helsinki and people who live or work on Suomenlinna.

Thursday 6 April, Demo day on Kansalaistori. Demo day on Kansalaistori in Helsinki centre. This event is targeted to citizens, passers-by, city representatives, medical professionals and press. The delivery drone and passenger drone will be on display on the ground for all to view and experience.

All events include presentations & videos on benefits and challenges of these innovative air mobility services, as well as surveys for attendees on their experiences and opinions.

Event date: 22-23 August 2022
Venue: Forusbeen 78, 4033 Stavanger, Norway

The event is organised by the Nordic Drone Initiative – a project under the Nordic Smart Mobility and Connectivity programme, co-funded by Nordic Innovation.

CEO Tero Vuorenmaa from Robots Expert will present the AiRMOUR project in his slot on 23 August, 2022 at 09:50-10:10 a.m.

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The 8th leading Nordic event for future cities and communities will be a physical event in the city centre of Stavanger. Co-organisers from the heart of European legislation, Brussels, across the Nordics and beyond will share insight and discuss topics about city- and business development to achieve UN targets for climate-neutral cities within 2030.

What the Flying…?! Introducing air mobility to cities

What are the risks of drones’ and aircrafts’ starting to appear as a potential transport mode over cities? In this session, you will hear from municipalities, drone operators, and research centres how they set up the right conditions for experimentation, what they design and test, and what results they obtain.

Advisor Philip Durnford from the City of Stavanger will represent AiRMOUR in the workshop.

Hosted by: POLIS Network, AiRMOUR, TindAIR and USEPE
Time: 11 May 2022 at 14:00 – 15:30
Location: Conference room: Bjelland, Hotel Victoria, Skansegata 1, Stavanger, Norway

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Nordic Edge Expo & Conference is the place where participants have an opportunity to learn and share, meet new collaborators and create partnerships. The 7th edition of the leading smart city event in the Nordics will be hybrid in 2021. There is a full–scale TV-production from 20-23 September directly from Stavanger, and there are also physical meeting places around the city centre. 

Each conference day is dedicated to a two-hour main stage programme presented by Nordic and international speakers. 

  • 20 September: Come Clean
  • 21 September: Life Actually
  • 22 September: On the Move
  • 23 September: Spaces and Places

For more information and to view a detailed programme, please visit Nordic Edge homepage