Event date: 7 Dec 2022 11:00 to 8 Dec 2022 17:00
Venue: EUROCONTROL Aviation Learning Centre, Rue Antoine de Saint Exupéry, 12, L-1432, Luxembourg.

LuxMobility in partnership with EUROCONTOL will hold a two-day masterclass to bring together learners on the AiRMOUR training curriculum and interested stakeholders in a classroom environment to build their knowledge on the topic of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and how it can support Emergency Medical Service (EMS) operations.

On day one, speakers will present the research they are doing on EMS UAM services. It will focus on the challenges and opportunities in the use of aerial drones and passenger eVTOLs, drawing upon existing use cases and those planned for the near future. The speakers will be from the AiRMOUR project consortium, which includes experts from the medical sector, transport sector, UAM industry and city representatives. After presentations from speakers there will be an interactive panel discussion and Q&A session. Participants will be split into groups and introduced to the first workshop task. This task will involve discussion on concept of operations for UAM flights, identifying stakeholders who need to be engaged to facilitate EMS UAM operations and suggestions on public engagement strategies. The first day will end with each group feeding back their ideas followed by guidance and reflections from the panel of experts.

Day two will focus on each group planning a UAM flight strategy in a city environment. Each group will be assigned a different city with distinct factors to consider in terms of topography, land use and local socio-economics. There will also be ground risk, infrastructure, environmental conditions, capability of end-to-end users etc. to consider.

Each group will be given city maps and an AiRMOUR scenario to focus on, these scenarios are as follows:

  • Transport of a blood sample from one hospital to another using a small unmanned aircraft (sUA);
  • Transport of a defibrillator from a hospital to an ad-hoc location in an emergency using an sUA;
  • Transport of a doctor in a passenger eVTOL from one hospital to another; and,
  • Transport a doctor in a passenger eVTOL to an ad-hoc location in an emergency.

A spokesperson will feedback their group’s proposed flight strategy to the other participants and panel of experts. The panel will provide their feedback to each group afterwards.

After the masterclass there will be a chance for networking.


We recommend that participants watch the recordings of the first AiRMOUR virtual course, to ensure all learners are starting with the same minimum knowledge base.


  • Describe the factors that need to be considered in UAM operations of delivery drones and passenger eVTOLs;
  • Identify which stakeholders should be involved in discussions on the development of UAM in European cities, acknowledging national differences;
  • Explain the steps required to plan a flight strategy for the medical use case you have been assigned to in the second workshop.


This masterclass is for all interested stakeholders including all participants from the first AiRMOUR virtual course.


This masterclass is free of charge.

For further information, please contact:


Lucy Mascarenhas, l.mascarenhas(at) luxmobility.eu