The Centre for Resuscitation Science of Stockholm’s Karolinska Institutet will host a hybrid symposium on the Impact of Using Drones in Emergency Medicine on September 27th at 11:30 – 4:30 (CET) in Stockholm’s Södersjukhuset hospital and online via Zoom.

The symposium provides a platform for pioneering researchers to share and discuss advancements in this field. AiRMOUR partner Robots Experts’s Jonas Stjernberg will give a speech about the regulatory and legal considerations at 12:30. The event will be moderated by Professor Jacob Hollenberg and Assistant Professor Andreas Claesson

See full agenda below and register here.

Session 1 – Overview, Technology, and Regulatory

12:00 Introduction and Welcome (Jacob Hollenberg and Andreas Claesson) 
12:10 Overview of Autonomous Drones as First Responders (Andreas Claesson) 
12:30 Regulatory and Legal Considerations (Jonas Stjernberg – Consultant, Robots Experts) 
12:50 First Responder Considerations – Why Drones as First Responders are Necessary from a HEMS Perspective (Lyon / Curtis MDs, Professors KSS, UK) 
13:10 Current State of Drone Technology (Mats Sällström, CEO Everdrone) 

—- 13:30 Break (10 minutes) —-

Session 2 – Case Studies and Best Practices

13:40 AED-Drones in Aalborg, Denmark (Louise Kollander, MD, PhD Student) 
14:00 Manned Ambulance Drones for the Paris Olympics 2024 (Matthieu Heidet, Assistant Professor SAMU-Paris, France) 
14:20 Experiences from Integrating AED-Equipped Drones at the Dispatch Centre in Sweden (Sofia Schierbeck MD, PhD Student) 

—- 14:40 Coffee Break —-

15:00 Drone Delivery of AED and medication for time sensitive medical emergencies: The Canadian Experience. (Sheldon Cheskes, MD, Professor) 
15:20 Review Comparison between US, Canada, and Sweden (Jessica Zegre-Hemsey, Assistant Professor, North Carolina University, US) 
15:40 The Future of AED-Drone Defibrillation (Fredrik Folke, MD, Professor) 
16:00 Panel Discussion (All). Summary of key takeaways and action items from the meeting.
16:20 Closure.

Register here to participate live or online.