The AiRMOUR project organised an open call in spring to invite 10 cities and regions to join the development of Urban Air Mobility as Replicators. The Replicators have been selected.

The Replicators will bring their local UAM vision, strategy and activities forward by testing and validating the main outputs of AiRMOUR, such as the UAM GIS tool and UAM Guidebook. They also have the opportunity to use ready-made public acceptance surveys of AiRMOUR and to access prioritised the AiRMOUR training curriculum. In turn, Replicators will assist the AiRMOUR project in gaining a better understanding of how to integrate Urban Air Mobility into legal systems and policies throughout Europe.

In addition to the now selected, the Dubai Future Foundation and the City of Stockholm were identified as Replicators in the planning phase of the project.

All the 12 AiRMOUR Replicators are:

  • BKK Centre for Budapest Transport, Hungary
  • Dubai Future Foundation, United Arab Emirates
  • Gdansk, Poland
  • Kempten, Germany
  • Lamia, Greece
  • Riga, Latvia
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Tartu, Estonia
  • Toulouse Metropole, France
  • Transport for Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Uddevalla, Sweden
  • Östersund, Sweden

‘This is a splendid opportunity for more in-depth cooperation between cities on the Urban Air Mobility topic. The additional validation of project outputs is of crucial importance to understand the effect of different boundary conditions on the scalability of UAM operations, use cases and tools. In turn, AiRMOUR’s documents, tools and trainings will give Replicator cities a running start to adopting UAM. They can use the outputs and lessons of the project to prepare for concrete Urban Air Mobility activities in their own jurisdiction’, says Project manager Renske Martijnse-Hartikka from Forum Virium Helsinki and adds: ‘The AiRMOUR project partners look forward to the cooperation and wish a warm welcome to all the Replicators!’

For further information, please contact:

Forum Virium Helsinki

Renske Martijnse-Hartikka, renske.martijnse-hartikka(at)forumvirium.fi

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