The AiRMOUR glossary explaining the key terms of Urban Air Mobility is now out.

The AiRMOUR project has published a glossary of Urban Air Mobility. The glossary includes ca. 50 key terms and it is part of the AiRMOUR deliverable 2.1 ‘Foresight analysis and UAM EMS integration process management’.

Other EU-funded UAM projects have contributed to the glossary, i.e. AMU-LED, CORUS-XUAM, FLYING FORWARD 2020, GOF 2.0, SAFIR-Med and TindAIR. Together with the AiRMOUR project, they form a group which has been working on #UAMExplained glossary and campaigning. The #UAMExplained group’s glossary is to be finalised and published in the form of a brochure in the first quarter of 2022.

The AiRMOUR project works across the domains of aviation, urban & regional planning and management and emergency & non-emergency medical services. The glossary helps different stakeholder groups to find shared terminology and understanding for the discussions of Urban Air Mobility.