This deliverable captures the EMS scenarios’ impact on aviation and future UAM regulations.

Civilian drone operations are currently classified in three categories in Europe:

  • Open (very low risk): This category covers flights with drones which pose a low risk and therefore do not require authorization to operate. All flights are limited to stay within visual line-of-sight.
  • Specific (low to high risk): The ‘specific’ category caters for riskier operations not covered under the ‘open’ category, such as flights beyond visual line-of-sight or over people.
  • Certified (very high risk): Any human carrying operations or carriage of dangerous goods.

This deliverable addresses those three categories with the main focus on the Specific category.

Recommendations made in this document are grouped per target stakeholder: European Commission, EASA, National authorities, Cities & Regions and UAM Industry. While some stakeholders are recommended to own and lead the process, some of them are required to be involved. Of course, all parties interested in the deployment of UAM may keep themselves up to date on the development of standards and recommendations.

Read the report by Jonas Stjernberg from Robots Expert here.