AiRMOUR is organising a free two day masterclass on the topic of Urban Air Mobility and its application for the Emergency Medical Services sector. We will be holding this event at EUROCONTROL’s aviation learning centre in Luxembourg on 7th and 8th of December 2022.

The interim programme is as follows:

AiRMOUR masterclass programme: Wednesday 7th December 2022
09:45Registration and refreshment
10:15Opening and welcome address Introduction to the training AiRMOUR in a nutshellEUROCONTROL LuxMobility Technical Research Centre Finland (VTT)
10:45An overview of Urban Air MobilityEUROCONTROL / VTT
11:15Integrating Urban Air Mobility in the medical sectorUMCG
12:15Lunch break
13:00Integrating Urban Air Mobility in a city contextLuxMobility
14:00Workshop group activity: Putting learnings into practice This workshop will involve: Selecting a medical use case for a drone operation. Guidance will be provided based on the use cases the AiRMOUR project focuses on.Discussing how the operation will be integrated into the existing medical process.Planning a basic route for the selected operation in a city environment. A facilitator from the city will provide some context beforehand. 
15:30Feedback to panel 
16:00Summarising learnings from Day 1LuxMobility
16:15Optional site visit TBC. Registration details to follow.
Thursday 8th December 2022
10:00Registration and refreshment
10:15Government regulations relevant to drone operationsSwedish Civil Aviation Administration (LFV)
10:45Assessing risks and environmental impacts of Unmanned Aircraft SystemsLuxMobility
11:45Stakeholder engagement on Urban Air Mobility and assessing public perceptionsLuxMobility
12:30Lunch break
13:15Integration of drones into ground infrastructure: Showcase of Ehang Scandinavia’s delivery droneEhang Scandinavia
13:45Workshop group activity: Putting learnings into practice This workshop will involve: Considering various restrictions in your flight operation e.g. no-flight zones.Reviewing the proposed flight route based on risks and potential impacts of the operation.Deciding which stakeholders to engage.Confirming road map for implementation. 
15:00Feedback to panel 
15:30Presentation of route planning from an operator’s perspectiveEhang Scandinavia
16:00Summary of learnings from Day 2 Masterclass wrap Awarding certificatesLuxMobility
16:15Optional site visit TBC. Registration details to follow.

For more details on the event and to register click here

For further information, please contact:

Lucy Mascarenhas
Senior Consultant, LuxMobility

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