The first year of the AiRMOUR project is coming to an end, so it’s time to look back at the achievements and see what will happen next.

Petri Mononen, VTT (right) with Silvio Semanjski from the AURORA UAM project in the ITS Hamburg event in October.

What would you like to raise as the most important results in AiRMOUR this year?

Petri Mononen, AiRMOUR Project Coordinator and Principal Scientist at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland:

“The first year has been buzzing with activity, both within the consortium, and with a multitude of liaison activities towards other relevant projects and stakeholders. Despite the ongoing COVID pandemic, the AiRMOUR team has grown stronger and remains enthusiastic and ambitious. Also the number of local stakeholders that became involved in AiRMOUR has seen a tremendous increase in 2021.

In addition to this, the key results reside naturally within the project deliverables, most notably the AiRMOUR Foresight analysis and the AiRMOUR Functional requirements for selected manned and unmanned UAM EMS scenarios. In the Foresight analysis we take a broad look and a disciplined analysis into the alternative futures on Urban Air Mobility in general, and to UAM in the EMS context in particular. The Functional requirement work, on the other hand, holds special importance in terms of the successful implementation of the rest of the project, by defining the urgent medical use cases that our later live validations will be based upon.”

What would you like to highlight in the coming year?

“We are eagerly expecting to enter all of the planned activities during the new year of 2022. Our plans include a wide array of work e.g. within investigating the user acceptance issues, planning of the upcoming education program and masterclasses and of course, translating the now active CONOPS work into executable and safe test flight plans and finally the first live validations.”

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