The AiRMOUR project is collecting residents’ views on drones in six European countries. The survey will be rolled out later in Replicator Cities for a wider outreach.

The AiRMOUR project is gathering opinions from stakeholders and the public via interviews and questionnaires on the acceptance and socio-economic impacts of Urban Air Mobility and its potential to support Emergency Medical Services (EMS). LuxMobility is leading the engagement activity and, with the help of fellow AiRMOUR partners, has recently developed a questionnaire to gather opinions from citizens on delivery drones and passenger eVTOLs. It includes questions related to topics investigated as part of this project including privacy, safety & risk, noise & visual pollution and acceptance of different EMS use cases.

Citizens living near the locations of the project’s planned simulations and demonstrations have been invited to take part in this survey. The survey will engage with over 1000 participants in 6 countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany). The aim is for the survey to be rolled out in our Replicator Cities early next year for a wider outreach.

The outputs of the questionnaire will build upon recent insightful studies into this topic, such as EASA’s ‘Study on the societal acceptance of Urban Air Mobility in Europe’ and CORUS XUAM’s Paper on ‘Implementing Mitigations for Improving Societal Acceptance of Urban Air Mobility’. The AiRMOUR report on the public and stakeholder engagement findings will be available to download from this website next summer.

Do you work in Aviation, Urban Air Mobility, Healthcare, Technology, Communications or City planning? For more details and responding to the stakeholder questionnaire by the 1st of April, follow this link

For further information, please contact:


Lucy Mascarenhas, l.mascarenhas(at) luxmobility.eu